after dropping out of a phd program 3 years ago and a little bit of aimless moving, pippingeek recently moved to new york to make her fortune and have fabulous adventures. thus far this goal has manifested as a cheap crappy apartment with messy roommates in a cheap, crappy neighborhood, a job waiting tables at a restaurant that closed its doors five months later, and a spectacularly lackluster social life. so hey, nowhere to go but up!

she is a former women’s studies graduate and instructor, trapeze instructor, and server extraordinaire. pip is interested in postmodern identity theory, rock climbing, food, sex, cats (tho never sex WITH cats, thank you), writing, fashion, pop culture, fitness, and cooking. okay, there’s other things too, but it seemed smart to keep the list manageable. anything goes as far as topics for discussion on the blog.

this blog is one part writing exercise, one part attempt to decide and express my thoughts on a given issue, and at least one part shameless exhibitionism. add ice, shake well, and garnish.

pippin was a nickname given to me by a former roommate who later died as a result of a heroin overdose. her nickname was scout, it was a thing we had. pippin has been my name on the internets since i first went online. no, it has nothing to do with lord of the rings, but i won’t object. i do, however, object to scotty pippen references. as pippin became more and more common, the “geek” was appended. having left graduate school, i’m no longer a professional geek, but i remain an accomplished amateur.


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