This is not a cooking blog: in which I talk about cooking extensively

(Yes, it’s been a million years since I wrote last. Trying to remedy that but it’s a busy life I’ve got these days. We’ll see.)

I decided last year that my best life solution was to become a physician assistant and stop being broke. Which as a plan is great and all, but it requires going back to school, and said PA programs require science classes no more than 5 years old. Since the last time I took a science class was literally 20 years ago, I find myself back mixing with undergraduate students, peering through microscopes, and taking tests on anatomy and DNA replication and chemical reactions. On top of my full time job, I don’t have a lot of spare time these days, what with the one day off a week to clean and handle the bills and do all the cooking for the week.

Last year I ate too much crap and fast food, got stressed out, didn’t exercise enough, gained weight I didn’t want to have, etc. This semester I vowed would be different. I bought a slow cooker and have been making large meals on the weekend so I have things to eat throughout the week that are still delicious and not entirely unhealthy. I also learned that my cooking habits are completely the opposite of how one cooks the things that are cooked in a slow cooker, so I’ve been doing a lot of learning and eating a lot of imperfect meals. I think exactly one dish has come out great, and that was the rice and lentil pot that I often make on the stovetop, but everything I make gives me at least one more piece of information to file away so next time the food is better.

My goal is never to make the same mistake twice with my food. I assumed that this would mean I would quickly be making phenomenal dishes after mastering one or two little tweaks to make it amazing. Turns out even if I don’t repeat mistakes, there’s an almost infinite number of ways one can screw up dinner. (And when what you’re cooking is going to be dinner for at least a week, the stakes are worse.) But I’ve been lucky, and most of my mistakes haven’t made the food taste bad, so I’ve been eating it anyway.

Since I bought the slow cooker, I’ve managed to screw up (or cook, depending on your perspective) pork shoulder, chicken thighs, chicken soup, beef stew, jambalaya, and even little things like hard boiled eggs. Last night mom was saying I should keep a journal of my attempts and mistakes, so I figured it was time to get writing again. Maybe my mistakes will save someone else from creating the same pots of glop I’ve been eating for the past couple months, and will help me remember what not to do next time I’m making something that turned out poorly before.


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