Little Baby Something Else Entirely

A friend of mine who has been a big Manics fan for years just posted this cover of “Little Baby Nothing.”

I don’t know why I always liked this song. It’s not like the lyrics are terribly sweet, they’re actually a little fucked up, with lines like “Your lack of ego offends male mentality/They need your innocence/To steal vacant love and to destroy/Your beauty and virginity used like toys,” “We are the useless sluts that they mow,” or “Hopelessly passive and compatible.” But something about it hits my happy trigger. It’s partly a nostalgia thing, but partly the fact that the song has some great anthemic qualities.

I tried to find a video of the original to put up, but failed, so you’ll just have to imagine.

Thing is, the original has Traci Lords (yes, THAT Traci Lords) singing the female parts. And when it’s a successful porn star (in the process of trying to break into legitimate showbiz), the lyrics I mentioned above simply read differently than they would when someone else sings them. But then to have a cover with an Asian female singing it in broken English just takes that idea to such an extreme, it messes with my head. Apparently the band is known for playing with erotica, so maybe she was trying to do the same thing as Lords, but the reality is most Western audiences aren’t going to know that, and are only going to read it in the context of Asian female sexual stereotypes.

Or am I just geeking out too far on this and should just judge it on the merits of whether or not it’s a successful cover? If nothing else, it sure made me think more than I would have with any other kind of band doing the cover…


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